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¡Conteo regresivo a Miss Universe 2023!

¡Faltan solo tres meses para el evento más esperado del año! El próximo 18 de noviembre, las mujeres más bellas del mundo se reunirán en El Salvador para competir por la corona de Miss Universo 2023. ¿Quién será la sucesora de la actual reina, R'Bonney Gabriel? ¡Sigue todas las incidencias en MBQ!

¡Miss Universe 2023 es Hoy!



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This is it! The long wait is over. Prelims eventually give us a glimpse on who will make it to the semis but unfortunately people thought everything is settled after the contest. Not so fast. Remember that the semifinalists are chosen by the judges and by the Miss Universe Organization a.k.a. the Trump picks. Also, the interview plays a major role as well.

Normally, the prelims can be boring because it is a dizzying affair. You only get a few seconds to view each candidate and it is up to them to impress us. So if there are ten boring candidates in a row, chances are you'll yawn. But the solemnity of the occasion, save for the ruckus in the crowd, is interjected by that slippery stage. Someone peed on it or what? China almost slipped and so many others that one can get lost counting them but eventually someone has to succumb on it. Miss Guyana Ruqqayah Boyer took the floor when she was about to turn during the gown segment. Ala-Miriam Quiambao moment that could push her to the semis? The important thing is that she never lost her focus. Whatta girl.

And then there's Miss Ireland Adrienne Murphy slipped while competing at the swimsuit segment and while doing so she let out the words "sh*t". And there's that moment when we all opened our jaws in disbelief as Miss USA Olivia Culpo came out with that horrible long sleeved gown.

Everyone knows its the Christmas season so perhaps Osmel Sousa figured it out that most of the contestants will came out in red. So, he devised a plan to make Irene Esser stand-out. Not only Irene stood out with her show stopping catwalk, she virtually took all the attention by dressing up in an all black gown. You have to give credit to the Venezuelans. Post 9-11 when firefighters became hero figures in the US and that Miss USA Shauntay Hinton donned a firefighters costume in their honor, Venezuelans came ahead by having Cynthia Lander trained as a firefighter and show it off in her video bio during the finals of Miss Universe 2012. Miss Universe during December? Why, they'll have chocolate box as national costume. They knew how to deploy psychological warfare, eh?

Of course, a lot will mention Miss Cayman Islands Lindsay Japal. This girl got a Ximena vibe. Miss Malaysia Kimberly Leggett came out strongly. Suffice to say that she is miles better than last year's...what's her name again? Philippines' cobra walk? Don't know what is it but if ever Janine Tugunon fails to be in the semis, you know who to blame, right?

And yes, there are fans...It's more like Marquez vs Pacquaio once again as Mexicans and Filipinos are the rowdiest in the group. There is even one fan who keep on shouting "On my God!" as Miss Philippines came out in her gown.

But perhaps the clear winner that night is Miss Puerto Rico Bodine Koehler. That girl was on fire and she ate everyone with her catwalk skills. This girl came out strong and if you are betting on who will win, better bet on this girl.

Tomorrow, the full review. For the meantime, share your unforgettable moments at Miss Universe 2012 Prelim contest.

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Menos mal esas Pajaras NO TIENEN VOZ NI VOTO EN MU :D

foooooooooo apesta a aldido por aqui.....todo el que tiene dos dedos de frente asi lo a reconocido pero claro en este foro son tan nacionalistas y aparte se les sale el odio africano que siempre an sentido por las representantes boricuas que primero muerto que tragarse su palabras.

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ay si querida hasta me dio colera de la envidia,creo q quede con un tip nervioso de la ira


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