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  1. como OSAN comparar el cuerpo de DIOSA PHILIPS con el tanquesito cinturita de gallina Tovars?
  2. DIVINAAA LA ALIANZA. Me encanta la Habach en esta presentacion, parece REINA MEDIEVAL
  3. CAE COMO COCOOOOO Cuadrada, brazo de tamalera, cara grasosa, calva, NO LA DAAAA
  4. mariam se ve suprema. La otra se ve muy naca, ubicate, mamasita, no vas a una boda en barranquilla.
  5. no hay cosa mas repulsiva que las serpientes uiiiughh
  6. lo siento por los que no entienden ingles, en pocas palabras, la critican por ser hipocrita y tner una actitud negativa caracteristica de las escala posiciones sin educacion que tarde o temprano terminan mostrando sus verdaderos colores. Pero quiern que quede bien frita en la competencia por ella misma y no porque los filipinos presionen para ello en contra de ella, porque con ese PEQUEÑISIMO comentario ya quedo demsotrado que NO ES CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL, asi que, LAS COSAS POR SU PESO CAEN
  7. que conveniente para ti traer esos comentarios, por que no traes estos? She does not deserve hate; that would be too much. The criticisms about her posting are pretty par for the course, though. The Miss U job involves representing sponsors, and if she can't even handle this situation as a contestant, imagine how far her being a tactless ingrate will take her if she becomes Miss Universe. The best thing for her to do is to apologize publicly (make sure that IMG, MUO, and as many media outlets are aware of it), so that they can help temper the negativity. Hopefully she'll leave with a better image as she ends her free vacation in the Philippines. “your background is not an excuse for your actions” IN THE PHILIPPINES, IF YOU ARE ACTING LIKE NOT WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND ONCE THEY LEARNED WHERE YOU CAME FROM, ESPECIALLY WHEN COMING FROM A POOR BACKGROUND, YOU WILL BE LABELED AS "TRYING HARD" AND "SOCIAL CLIMBER" WHICH IS LIKE A BLOW TO ONE'S FACE. ACTUALLY, IT IS EASY TO DISTINGUISH IF YOU ARE A "TRYING HARD" AND PRETENDING TO BE SOMEONE ELSE BECAUSE OF WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. THAT'S WHY MS COLOMBIA IS A WHOLE BUNCH OF "TRYING HARD" AND SOCIAL CLIMBER PER SE. ALSO, THERE'S A SAYING THAT "A princess WILL ALWAYS BE A princess NO MATTER WHAT" AND "NO MATTER HOW MUCH FANCY YOU DRESS A POOR, PERSON HE'LL ALWAYS BE POOR" I think Andrea forgot to be diplomatic about Pinoy snacks. I too think of junk food as "trash" but when offered by my friends and co-workers, I do not say it to their face - I choose to just decline. You see, it will happen a lot here, a person eating will usually invite you to eat with them, specially if someone opens a pack of chips, it is bound to be offered to everyone else who is nearby. Now, I do hope though, that my countrymen who are offended (and I think they have a right to steam about it) will not push any plans or attempt to embarrass any of the candidates during any of the events. I think, that even if it will be momentarily satisfying to show your indignation, it will not look good for us, the country as a host, and for the competition itself. We are the best fans in the world - I agree that what Andrea said is hurtful - but I think it's easier for us to move past it. I want Andrea to lose fair and square - and not because we retaliate. I think with what she have shown, it's already obvious that at this point, she's not yet "Confidently beautiful". Let her do her own thing. And I hope we can focus on the other candidates, instead.
  8. Ya esta en el top 5 de hot picks de missosology. Ojala Kristal y ella queden agarradas de la mano en el top 2
  9. Yo le noto la misma sobriedad de Gabriela Isler
  10. Diosa de vientre plano.